Because words have power. 
Because words written from the heart, the powerful, messy, authentic, center of the heart, can heal us and ground us and move us to be our truest, best selves. 
Because we need a map to show us how to get to that part of our hearts.
And then how to shine a light on it.
Because a personal manifesto is that map.
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What is a personal manifesto?

It’s like a life coach on paper

It’s simply a sentence, a paragraph, a few words. But somehow, coming up with those few words, writing them down, and saying them out loud, can change things.

Sometimes in small ways. Sometimes in ways that feel like seismic shifts.

Why? Because a manifesto can help you focus, empower you, give you back your voice. Or give you a voice for the first time.

A manifesto can help you decide how to spend your time, what’s worth your effort, who you want to be in the world.

And it can be as powerful as a personal life coach telling you every morning how to do this day.  Use your time. Spend your life.

Why you might want one

There are as many reasons as there are different kinds of manifestos.

Maybe you want to be braver. Maybe you want to show up with more authenticity. Authority. Clarity. Purpose. Peace. Joy.

Maybe you feel stuck. A little. Or a lot.  In a job you don’t love. Or relationships that aren’t giving you life.

Maybe you’re in transition. From single to couple. Couple to single. Kids at home to empty nest. Job to no job. Old job to new one.

Maybe you’ve lost your way. Maybe you aren’t sure who you are anymore. What you believe. What you’re passionate about. Or why it matters that you get up in the morning.

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Why it matters

Here are some of the reasons people have decided to take this workshop:

“To seek out the bravery and focus to shift into a more purposeful career life.”   – Amelia

 “I’ve come to realize I can’t do everything. I want to spend the time I have on this planet actually doing what’s most important to me. What really matters… in my family and relationships and work.  – Gary

“I need a ME list. I’m very busy all day long doing things to take care of others, and I’m very good at it. But I also need a list of things that nurture ME.”   – Rachel

“I run a small business. I have a mission statement for my business. But I feel like I need to have that for me, as a person, too. I need to treat myself with the same kind of respect I treat my business.”  – Paul

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What’s the workshop like?

4 HOURS. 10-12 PEOPLE.

Participate as you feel comfortable in simple “no wrong answer” exercises designed to draw out your deepest truths, hopes, beliefs, wishes, intentions.

Focus, regroup, remember what’s most important to you, find your voice, make a statement, take a stand.

Craft a personal manifesto,  a long version and a short mantra, something that can help guide you in your daily choices and remind you what it is “you plan to do with your one wild & precious life.”


Mylene Manifesto

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A few manifestos we love